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The total number of applicants is reduced to the select group the employer wishes to carry on to the interview phase and filtering helps to get additional information difficult to check during the interview process

To make candidates understand various non interview assessment techniques, understand the globally accepted filtering techniques, gain an over view of psychometric testing and its specific usage. Also understand of one popularly used psychometric assessment tool (RSI)

• Understand the importance filtering
• Learn the different techniques of filtering
• Learn Knowledge Based Filtering
 • Understand knowledge based filtering such as
   » Entry
   » Filtering
   » Types

Academics Based
Test Based
• Learn Skill Based Filtering
 • Understand Skill Based Filtering such as
   » Entry, Mid-level, Senior Level
   » Filtering, Additional Info
   » Types
• Learn Attitudinal/Potential Filtering
 • Understand steps involved in behavioural filtering such as
   » Mid, Senior Level
   » Additional Info
   » Types

Behavioral Based Assessment centers
 • Understand Psychometric Testing such as
   » Projective Tests
   » Inventory Based Tests

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