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An interview is a procedure designed to obtain information from a person’s oral responses to oral inquiries. Interview is by far the most widely used personnel selection procedure
The "interview" is the focal point of the recruiting process. A good interview results from

• Proper preparation
• Identifying the candidate's abilities before discussing the position
• Asking a series of open-ended questions (some relating to the position being filled)
• Evaluating interviewing results


The major objective of this programme is for participants to be able to use Behavioral Event Interviewing and BARS to do accurate assessment of behavioral issues in prospective candidates. Participants will also understand the importance of listening, probing and body language in interview situations, build skills in active listening, probing and body language awareness and learn how to use advanced probing techniques .


• Understand the overall interview process
• Learn the pre-interview preparatory phase such as FIGS, JIST, SEE and IP
• Understand the setting of the interview itself
• Learn the position assessment and decision phase
• Understand the stages of the interview
• Learn rapport building such as icebreaker, stage setting and opening questions techniques
• Learn the skills to be a good interviewer
• Learn the key elements of listening
• Learn the key behavioral event interviewing questions such as scene setting, past performance    and probing
• Understand all the questions to avoid during the interview
• Learn how to determine key factors and red flags to probe for
• Learn how to use the interview plan
• Understand rapport generation
• Understand the interview verification phase
• Learn how to close and review the interview process
• Understand how to develop close ended situational questions
• Learn how to generate open ended general questions
• Call 080 98 iprcng For more information

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