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We help organizations in leadership competency assessment for various levels such as:

   1. Entry level Managers.
   2. Managers of Managers.
   3. Managers of Business.

We help the organizations in identifying the leader’s competencies & assessing them using Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale BARS.

We help the organizations in developing the required competencies through the Structured Training Programs.

The Leadership Competency Assessment can be used to identify strengths and weakness of an individual as a leader.

Leadership lies on three important pillars-

  1. Leading Others - (Communication, Performance management, Team Leadership and Negotiation)
  2. Driving Business – (Executing Tasks, Planning & Organizing and Organizational Understanding)
  3. Insightful Thoughts – (Self Management, Enterprising, Creativity, Logical Thinking & Decision       Making)

IPRC Consulting provides open assessment centers where you can benchmark your manager’s competency on a common global framework or we can come to your company and design and run assessment centers.

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