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Take Time To Hire – IPRC


The Director General and Chief Executive of the Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, IPRC Nigeria Mr. Nick Odife, has advised employers and recruiters to take time to hire new employees because recruitment is not all about filling jobs that are currently vacant but a continuous, long-term investment to build a high quality workforce capable of accomplishing the organization’s mission now and in the future.

According to Mr. Odife, selecting job applicants to interview, drafting good interview questions, and ultimately deciding which person to hire can be a daunting challenge. An effective and efficient hiring process, he said, is essential to the employers’ personal and business success.

Employers must hire people who can put forth their company’s positive image while performing with accuracy and efficiency because their trained, conscientious employees are their most valuable assets. A thorough review of applicants’ backgrounds is also essential to the hiring process and the recruiter’s subjective evaluation of how well their personalities and work ethics will fit into the operation is also important. Background check is neglected in Nigeria.

The hiring process requires a lot of time spent reviewing job applications, going over details presented on resumes, mapping competencies, short-listing, filtering, carrying out psychometric tests and interviewing candidates to decide what technical, communication, and personal skills they can bring to the company. Time invested in careful hiring procedures will save time in the long run by helping you avoid a “bad hire.”

If Nigerian recruiters, or outsourced recruiting agencies, are not skilled in behavioural hiring techniques, it is predictable, over time, of what is likely to happen in terms of the company’s performance. But on the other hand, if the talent identifiers are experienced in ferreting out the “softer” or less visible attributes of a candidate’s profile and matching that information against a success profile of the company’s top performers, the chances of greater success for the firm are multiplied. The greatest challenge of leadership today in Nigeria is Recruitment. How do we secure the services of a good leader?

IPRC Nigeria believes that by using more skillful, behavioural interviewing methodology, a talented recruiter can dig deeper into a person’s background, determining the more subtle and even more important aspects of a candidate’s ability to perform in a given job.

The obvious challenge, therefore, is that Nigerian employers should be doing everything in their power to ensure that their hiring managers, and/or their agents, have the ability to apply more highly predictive interviewing skills in the hiring process.

By having the ability to probe into attributes such as interpersonal traits, including underlying motivations, self-concept, ego, leadership/managerial assets and liabilities, analytical ability, sense of control orientation and the like, Nigerian interviewers can provide better insight into the candidate’s ability to contribute and enhance a given company in the marketplace.

It is on record that a bad hire can cost a company more than 20 times the cost of the total compensation of the individual, including base, bonus and other incentives. And that’s in the first year of tenure! Over time, depending on the level of the hire, the negative impact on the company is often far worse than the aforementioned multiple. To hire new, high talent employees or executives, you need a high talent recruiter.

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